Anxiety EP

Name: Drogtech – Anxiety EP
Type: EP
Release date: Digital : 21.02.2014 , CD : 03.03.2014
Cat: DRG002 – CD/digital
Label: Drogtechmusic
1 Anxiety
2 Trapped
3 Obscurity


Story behind:
The whole EP has been inspired by track Sam KDC Symbol 8.1 from Auxiliary. Sam’s track was the trigger that move me into more deep sound. My state of mind was more in the mood for more deeper sounds back then.
For Anxiety  I had already on Nord Lead 3 sound I created in the past but couldn’t fit it in my recent tracks then. While making an Anxiety track I did use that sound and modified it which was a main theme in the background sounds. Everything went from there very smoothly. I always enjoy add piano sounds so It was also in the break. The track was supported by ASC in his podcast and got good feedback from him which was really great to hear!
Trapped was a continuation from title track. In this track I went even more in deeper sounds with very haunting pads sounds. I used one sound from Giant plugin which also was the sound that inspired me for the whole theme of the track.  I wanted it to be really deep something like horror movie. I think it could fit more into some soundtracks.
Obscurity was created under some older track I had created before and was sitting in my daw for some time. I really liked the sounds I created before but the composition wasn’t good enough for me. To keep it in theme  of the whole EP I slowed it down, which also brought different perspective to previously created sounds. As the track builds at the end there hits you a very emotional string sound which I enjoy from this track. I like add the emotions to the track and I think that was pretty good move.
The whole EP was created very quickly I cant even remember how long it took so it means it was very fast compare to my other projects. When you have clear idea what you want to achieve its going very smooth from start point to the end. I hope all listeners will enjoy it 🙂