Can’t Resist (Drogtech Remix)

Type: Unofficial Remix
Release date: Digital 31.12.2015
Cat: –
Label: Otake Records (Self-release)
Novika and Pete Grace – Can’t Resist (Drogtech Remix)

Story behind:
Around the end of 2015 I emailed Novika that I would like to remix her new song Can’t Resist.
The original version is great track and the vocal is very clear and great to work with. I decided to give it a go.
I didn’t have much experience working with vocals as my music is strictly instrumental so it was also a good lesson. The first version had some vocals off the groove which Novika has pointed out so there were made few adjustments and I got green light to share the remix.
I wanted to make it emotional and even more slowed down than the original. I used only some vocals parts as not every was fitting to my conception. I sliced it and edited to make layers out of them. After the break there is also added some guitar distortion to bring more emotions to the track.