Firth (Drogtech Remix)

Name: Microburst – Occulting EP
Type: Remix
Release date: Digital, Vinyl 02.11.2015
Cat: LR-30
Label: Luana Records

A1 Low Boilers
A2 Lok Ward
B1 Firth
B2 Hawks Church
B3 Combine
Digital Bonus
1 Low Boilers
2 Lok Ward
3 Firth
4 Hawks Church
5 Combine
6 Firth (Bigeneric Remix)
7 Hawks Church (Rotkeller Remix)
8 Combine (Best Available Technology Remix Pt 1)
9 Combine (Best Available Technology Remix Pt 2)
10 Firth (Drogtech Remix)
11 Hawks Church (d.n.u.l. Remix)
12 Lok Ward (alg0rh1tm Remix)
13 Combine (Thorsten Soltau Remix)
14 Firth (Motrade Remix)

Story behind:

Microburst – Occulting EP was previously released on the tape. Luana Records has released it again on the vinyl to bring it to more people ears.
The whole EP is really great. Mich whos run re:st put information on Facebook that they are looking for remixers to the upcoming release. I thought why not, lets try :).
I contacted him and got link to the original ep so I could decided which track from it I would like to remix.
I was thinking about two tracks but decided to go with Firth. My main inspiration was one particular sound I sliced and edited to achieve atmospheric pad in the break. The rest track was created around the break part. I’ve sent it and was waiting if they will approve it..they did.