Passing Through EP

Name: Drogtech – Passing Through EP
Release date: Vinyl Only 23.10.2014
Cat: re:02
Label: re:st


A1. It Never Ends
B1. Rain
B2. When Everyone is Gone

Story behind:
The whole Ep in my opinion brings the echo of the emotions I brought in my previous Anxiety EP. Mostly the track When Everyone is Gone and Rain. They were made at the same time so they are more deeper.
It never ends was created in intention to make it more acoustic. I used piano and pads sounds layered them and mess them to get as I say upcoming emotions that build throu the whole track. The piano melody from breaks used two layers of the sound . One layer is taken from my friend korg krome synth. I have send him midi notes and he recorded his piano sound over it. I still think its one of my best track so far.
When Everyone is Gone was made over different track I had. I really liked the sounds but I got ride of the kicks and made it as an ambient track. The each sounds of the track has been reversed.