These Moments EP

Name: Drogtech – These Moments EP
Type: EP
Release date: Digital, CD E-BOX, Vinyl 14.09.2015
Cat: DRG003
Label: Drogtechmusic







1 Against the wind
2 On a crowded street
3 Breeze

Story behind:
These Moments EP brings three tracks that was made in long period of time. On a crowded street was made around mid of the 2013. Breeze is from around 2014 and against the wind from beginning of 2015. Around mid of the 2015 I thought they would fit for one EP as they brings similar emotions and theme.
On a crowded street was inspired by Ulrich Schnauss discography as a whole. I love the wall of sounds in his production and wanted to bring something like that to my track.
In one of the evening jams I sat down and was messing around with some groovy bass notes. That’s how the track Breeze was done. After bass was created the whole idea of the track went pretty fast and smooth. Breeze has been used for Novika radio show as a background to her show. Its my biggest achievement so far 😉
While making the Against the wind I decided to speed the track up. I was making tracks around 80-90 bpm’s. I wanted to break that pattern so the track was created in 140 bpm. Its probably the fastest bpm I used so far. I was played in Novika radio show.
The whole EP got very good feedback probably the best so far. It got great review on Music is.