V/A – Deepersense

Name: V/A – Deepersense
Type: Compilation
Release date: 01.12.2012
Cat: DP001 – digital
Label: Indie
01. Remique & Sickman – Freeze (Original Mix)
02. CJ Art – Parallel Universe (CJ Art’s Deepersense Mix)
03. Red Sun Rising – Unforgivable (Original Mix)
04. Deep-L & Deepness – Polish Sugarcane (Original Mix)
05. Kintar – Micro Cosmo
06. CJ Art – Irrationalis (CJ Art’s Eerie Mix)
07. Douglas Howarth – Deaf Music Art (Six’n’Four)
08. Drogtech – Inner City

Story behind:
Compilation has been released by deepersense guys that run forum, radio audition and currently start their own label.
Compilation was released short after my debut album. I wrote post about my album on the forum and it took really good feedback.
They contacted me and offered debut gig and possibility to release one of the tracks on their forthcoming compilation. I had two tracks back then one happier and one deeper. They obviously chosen the deeper one 😉