V/A: Uprising

Name: V/A: Uprising
Release date: 01.11.2013
Cat: PMC121 – 3LP/digital
Label: Project Mooncircle

A01. IIIII (Five Eyes) – Humdrum
A02. KRTS – Bonehead
A03. Sieren – Escape
B04. my.head – Counting
B05. FiJi & Long Arm – Reunion
B06. Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe – Wanju
B07. Hanami – Ribbons
C08. Julien Mier – Everything Is Illuminated
C09. Deft – Maybes
C10. submerse – Glazed
C11. opti – Springs
D12. Den5hion – Piel de Leopardo
D13. Tom Day & Monsoonsiren – Elegiac
D14. Tendts – After The Bliss
D15. Thriftworks – Die Gracefully ft. DH the Mythicalifornian
E16. PYUR x Rain Dog – Walk Away
E17. Daixie – Huxley
E18. Fau&Deam – Franz Deam Re-edit
E19. Jean du Voyage – Rise & Appears ft. Djéla & Pierre Harmegnies
F20. Robot Koch – Heads Up
F21. Robert Valsinger – Pip Till
F22. Blossom – The Longest Journey
F23. Neema – Goodbye
G24. Tomika – Fall in Springtime
G25. How Green – Flat Faced
G26. DrogtechAround the Corner
G27. Bruises – Charcoal
G28. Night Logic – Unkleness
G29. Deep Shoq – Lights Down
G30. Stèv – Paint Me Like The Sky
G31. Cass. – Jet Stream ft. Anna Marjamäki
G32. Vitrion – Elevators
G33. MockSun – In Visions

Story behind:
This is my first track I was happy enough to send it out after I moved to nord lead 3 I bought at the beginning of 2013.
After I released my album I decided to change everything in my work flow and first time I decided to buy hardware synth instead of Vsts. It took some time to learn it but its really great piece of synth.
I was messing a lot with different sounds and patterns. Recorded them to audio and at one point I brought one key sound which was used as main sound in the track. After that everything went pretty quick and smooth.
I send it out to Project Mooncircle out of the blue. I didn’t even know there were looking new tracks for their forthcoming compilation. I received feedback after 3 month so it was a big surprise. Track ended as a digital bonus to the vinyl release.