Drogtech Intersection Of Sounds 007 Night of the Museums Edition

It has been such a long time since my last podcast of Intersection of Sounds but finally I found some time. Its a special edition recorded for Night of the Museums which will take place 21st of May in my home city. I played tracks that inspires me and push to work harder on my own records. Hope you will enjoy it.

01. Drogtech – It Never Ends [re:st]
02. Melorman – Under A Shelter [Sun Sea Sky Productions]
03. Drogtech – Rain [re:st]
04. Kiln – Roil [Ghostly International]
05. Monsoonsiren – Sullen Fables [Project Mooncircle]
06. Kiln – Rustdusk [Ghostly International]
07. Lusine – Arterial [Ghostly International]
08. Helios / Keith Kenniff – Pearls [Unseen Records]
09. Imogen Heap – Neglected Space (Instrumental) [Megaphonic Records]
10. Helios / Keith Kenniff – Sonora Lac [Unseen Records]
11. Hammock – Wasted We Stared At The Ceiling [Hammock Music]
12. Drogtech – On a Crowded Street [Drogtechmusic]
13. Helios / Keith Kenniff – Embrace [Unseen Records]

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